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1968 Porsche 911 2000 swb

€ 79000

Body Coupe
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2000
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leatherette
Steering Lhd
1968 PORSCHE 911 2.0 SWB
MODEL 911 2.0 SWB
YEAR 1968
CHASSIS N. 118.303.99
ENGINE 901/14-3280793
NOTE Delivered on February 26, 1968 by the Porsche factory to a US dealership, it has a single owner car until exported to Italy in 2007.
Sold by the heir to an Italian collector, it has always belonged to the same owner and used regularly over the years to participate in historic car events.
It was repainted in 1987 by the first owner and has only recently had bodywork to remove the American turn signals located on the front and rear fenders.
In 2007 it was accompanied by the official Porsche certifications.
In 2010 it obtained the ACI-CSAI Fiche and in 2011 it was homologated ASI with gold plate.
The KARDEX, all the original use and maintenance manuals and the original irons are available.
It is completely genuine, it has never undergone a complete restoration because it has never deteriorated and has always been kept in excellent condition throughout its life.
The interventions performed have stratified over time, preserving their originality.
Inevitably, the signs of time and use have left traces that can only be appreciated by enthusiasts who wish to have a genuine collector's item.
In the September 2011 issue of the American magazine ESSES, dedicated to the first 911s, an interesting article was published written by the owner and reported below:
So started the ad I saw on eBay on the morning of July 8, 2007, sitting at my desk chair in Milan, ltaly. As a Porsche enthusiast, l had owned a 924 and a 928, but I never had a "true" 911 and particularly, a classic one. Seeing the picture of this red beauty, I had fallen in love with her at the first sight, and I decided instantly to follow the auction: I wanted her. "This SWB 911 has been repainted only one time 20 years ago, and comes with its original 2/'68 date-stamped chrome wheels. We purchased this Washìngton state car from the son of the original engineer owner who drove the car around 212,000 miles until early 1995. Since that time the car, always garaged, has been driven only about an additional 4,000 miles." The ad came with a lot of pictures illustrating the very good condition of this early Porsche, and looking at them, I convinced myself more and more that I had to have that car. Until that time I rarely bought anything on eBay, especially cars! My brain was full of thoughts. Pay in advance for a car in another continent? Could it be a fraud? How about the shipping? Nonetheless, I continued to read: The 5 Speed transmission shifts nicely, the brakes and suspension work well, and the engine was rebuilt about 100,000 miles ago. This rebuild included installation of pressure fed, "Carrera" chain tensioners. This is a numbers matching car and the engine number, 3280793, matches the original 1968 maintenance booklet which is supplied with the car. The interior is all original and the dash is perfect. The chrome is also very nice, and everything works. The paint is excellent as well. The floor pan has no holes and the original interior floor insulation is still on the car. This is almost a 40 years car and for its age in very good condition. The suspension pick up points are original and strong; in other words the car has no structural issues. By the way, this 91.l never had a radio or an antenna: the owner must have loved the sound of the boxer engine! This car, totally unmolested and unaltered, comes with its original Driver's Manual, Maintenance Booklet, Polo Red touch up paint, toolkit and jack.

But the true jewel was "the time book", a self made owner's log: a sort of booklet where the original owner, a meticulous compulsive engineer, recorded every operation: every single refueling, engine rebuild, tire change, paint job, o' maintenance done on the car from the date of purchase, from April 22, 1968 to 1995! Reading and re-reading the description of the car, finally I decided to make the lump and, waiting the last second, I placed the winning bid. After I paid the deposit, I was a little bit worried, but shortly after, I discovered I was a lucky man" The seller was an exquisite Porsche-expert gentleman working as a manager in a Silicon Valley company. He was a Porsche enthusiast for a long time, developing an extensive knowledge of early Porsches. So, the first step was done: I had bought the car, and the selling price was truly affordable. The second step was to move the red beauty to the other side of the ocean. After several days of internet studing I found an italian shipping company that could prove de international car shipping services. I called, talked with a very kind lady who guided me through all the shipping steps: the car would be picked up in the Sa. Francisco Bay area by a truck, then transported to Los Angeles, California, the: to Houston, Texas and finally, sealed in a container and shipped by sea to Genoa Italy. Then the car would be carried by truck from Genoa to Milan, where I would be able to collect her, after paying the custom duties and shipping fees. The grand total seemed to be a good price so I started the operation,
The car, nicknamed "Polored", started her "Lucky's trip" (Lucky's Auto Transport to Los Angeles, California on July 17,2007, arriving in Mlilan on october 5,2007. When she arrived, Polored was a little bit dusty, but in perfect condition. Her original Washington State plates and tools were shipped separately, arriving without problems. After the Washington State plates had been mounted, I was able to drive the car in ltaly for one year. Then, an ltalian registration was required. I left the car, a 911 US standard, totally unchanged, with her American front Iights, red tail lights, and lateral reflectors. Now the car was a fully naturalized italian, waiting for me to take weekend trips to our country house.

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