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2020 Other Rayvolt Cruzer V3 E bike

£ 3750

Fuel type Electric
Engine E-bike
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Gunmetal grey
Rayvolt Cruzer V3 E-Bike

The Rayvolt Cruzer is a high performance stylish Electric Bike built by Rayvolt in Barcelona, Spain.

It is run by a technologically advanced brushless motor which requires zero maintenance, the battery is built around efficiency and the electronic braking system converts the torque into a resistance which recharges the battery. You can cycle up to 50 miles with a full charge of battery and are able to have a long uninterrupted journey thanks to the high quality 21Amp Hour battery, regenerative braking and power assist cycling.
This bike also provides Intelligent Pedal Assist (IPAS) which detects inclines to give you that extra push up the hill.
A smart algorithm is used to provide perfectly smooth power, based on your muscle activity.

You can download the free smart technology system called Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant (EIVA) via your smartphone on either IOS or Android and it is Rayvolt’s free advanced software to allow the rider to customise their riding experience. The main features of this app are that it can monitor your speed and battery life, use iPAS monitoring to adjust your pedal assistance, play music to enhance your all rounded experience, GPS access, pinpoints your locations and lets you know how far you have travelled, as well as having technical support by just pressing a button.

Purchased new by one of our customers in September 2020, this Rayvolt Cruzer is finished in a special order Gunmetal Grey with Brown trim with green piping, 1000w electric motor, upgraded 21amp hour Battery, front and rear retro LED lights, electronic Torque sensor, Front Leather Bag (£130.50) and both Duro Road Tyres and a set of Duro Wildlife (off-road) Tyres - Total inclusive price then: £4,500

This Cruzer has hardly been used since it was purchased and is still in pretty much 'As New' condition.

They are not easy to find here in the UK, but the online store Retail Warehouse - - are currently advertising one for £4,839.99, so our bike at £3,750 is a bargain! Advert: Rayvolt Cruzer V3 E-Bike with Lights, Rear View Mirrors, Leather Bag, Set Up Assistance And First Year Inspection in Gunmetal Grey
Sale price - £4,839.99 - Regular price - £5,455.99.
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