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1974 Alfa-Romeo Junior-Zagato 1600

€ 77500

Karosserie Coupe
Kraftstofftyp Petrol
Motor 1.6L
Übertragung Manual
Außenfarbe Red
Innenfarbe Black
Polsterei Leather
Lenkung Lhd
Alfa Romeo Junior 1600 Zagato from 1974.
Dark red with a black interior.
This Junior was imported from Italy in 2003.
This classic Alfa Romeo is in very good restored condition.
The car is in unique condition and drives fantastic.
The 1570cc “Nord” engine has double Weber carburetors and delivers 108 hp, which gives a very sporty feeling as well as the fantastic engine sound.
Furthermore, the car is technically in perfect condition, both the body and bottom are rust-free and in very neat condition.
The car is equipped with a brand new stainless steel exhaust which produces a beautiful sporty rumble.
Driving the car feels incredibly good and sporty thanks to the rear-wheel drive and the 5-speed manual gearbox.
15-inch GTA Alfahollics rims have been fitted with new tires, which gives the car an even sportier look.
The interior seats (handmade) are covered with leather.
The interior is very nicely finished with buttons and chrome details.
The sporty seats are beautifully styled, so you can rotate the headrests for a comfortable sitting position and if you don't want a headrest, the headrest folds back into the seat.
The headliner is newly upholstered and fits beautifully with the rest of the interior as well as the door panels, which are also covered in leather and finished with chrome.
The Blaupunkt radio is beautifully concealed in the dashboard together with the oil pressure gauge and the fuel gauge.

A special story began with the creation of the Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato by Ercole Spada.
The Junior Zagato was designed as a sporty, compact Gran Tourer.
Due to its sleek roofline, sitting in the back may not be ideal, but this certainly contributes to the Alfa's beautiful appearance.

What really makes this car special is that the Junior Zagatos had nothing to do with the Alfa factory, as they were entirely produced by Zagato itself.
The 1600 version is exceptionally rare, with only 402 examples produced in Milan over a 3-year period.
The technology of the Zagato comes from the Alfa 105 series, which means that it shares (almost) everything with the Spider, Bertone and Giulia.

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