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1966 Maserati Mistral

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Karosserie Convertible
Kraftstofftyp Petrol
Motor 3.7L
Übertragung Manual
Außenfarbe Yellow
Innenfarbe Black
Polsterei Leather
Lenkung Lhd
VIN-Nummer AM109*880*
1966 Maserati Mistral Spyder Conversion
Chassis number: AM109*880*
UK registration: PBY 335D

A superb Mistral 3.7 converted from a Coupe to Spyder configuration during the 1990’s
Owned by the current restorer owner since acquisition from a Belgian enthusiast in 1988
First seen by Bill McGrath Limited in 2000 but known to our company for some years prior to that
The history file contains purchase correspondence, many expired MOT certificates and several maintenance invoices from McGrath Maserati
This beautiful Maserati first visited Bill McGrath Limited (as our forty year old company was known then) over twenty years ago in the spring of 2000 when we carried out some mechanical work, although we were aware of its existence some years prior to that.

The current owner had a classic car restoration company in London that McGraths were very familiar with, and he purchased chassis AM109*880* from a Belgian gentleman in October 1988, although the car was already in England at that time undergoing restoration work elsewhere. A letter on file from the Belgian owner states he had bought the car from a Portuguese person who was living in Brussels.

Between importation to England in 1989 and the cars visit to us in 2000, the Mistral underwent a complete restoration and transformation from Coupe to Spyder configuration. So good was the conversion that it attracted the interest of other Maserati owners and the restorer ended up converting five (including this car) Mistral and thirteen Ghibli cars to Spyder coachwork during the 1990’s. Although this was the first car started, it ended up being the last one completed.

Since restoration the Mistral has since seen very little use and covered just a few hundred miles a year, during which maintenance has been carried out by both the experienced owner and McGrath Maserati. It is the lack of use that has, after thirty-three years of cherished ownership, provoked the desire to sell this striking example, and McGrath Maserati are delighted to have been entrusted to find it a new owner.

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Price: £275,000 GBP
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