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Manor Farm,
Whitgreave Lane,
Whitgreave, Stafford.
ST18 9SP United Kingdom
Classic by name, classic by nature With the owners, brothers David and Geoff Wellman, boasting many years business experience, the opportunity to live their Classic Car dream proved an opportunity they simply could not refuse! Many Classic Car enthusiasts yearn for their dream car and yesterday’s cars are very much today’s dreams! Geoffrey Wellman: A motor mechanic for 25 years on both motorcycles and cars. Geoff, as he prefers to be known, has spent the other 25 years of his working life with his brother in a management position and is renowned as a brilliant and very hands-on engineer. David Wellman: From an early apprenticeship, David forged a career in industry and ultimately ran his own very successful Engineering Company for 25 years. Having retired a year ago and becoming thoroughly ‘bored’, has now decided to un-retire and follow his passion for all things automotive.

Fachgebiet : (classic) Car trading, Restoration

Wir sprechen : English

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